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Our Story

Welcome to Our Sock Shoppe! We are glad that you’ve stopped by. For the longest time we’ve always dreamed of integrating our inventory of socks to the online world and we’ve finally done it. 
We are grateful to have such a supportive community in the heart of Guelph. Your support in the last years has helped us maintain and grow our business, and for that we are thankful for your positive continued support.
In case you didn't know, my name is Roulah and I am the co-owner of Our Sock Shoppe with my husband Ahmed Abed. Our store is located in downtown Guelph at the Old Quebec Street Shoppes. 
We came to Canada as refugees from Syria, a war-torn country. We are very fortunate to be given a new life, and an opportunity to raise our kids in a country we now call home. 
The last few years have been a learning experience for us as a family, and we can not imagine the amount of support that was provided to us as a family from helping us build a foundation to growing and bringing our entrepreneurial experience to you.
We want to thank you for supporting us again, and we can not thank you enough. If you are around in the area of Guelph come and stop by! We would love to see you!

Stay safe,
Ahmed & Roulah
Our Sock Shoppe owners
Our Sock Shoppe owners